Best Whatsapp Tricks of 2017- Latest Updates And Tips

Best Whatsapp Tricks of 2017:- WhatsApp is the most famous mobile messaging platform till date. But the tricks that we are going share today you will master this app like a pro.  All these tricks has been tested and working great.  Just follow the simple steps below and you will be ahead of your friends. This Whatsapp tricks has actually been tested on the new version of Whatspp and are Best Whatsapp Tricks of 2017. So, lets dig in:

Best Whatsapp Tricks of 2017- Latest Updates And Tipsimage of whatsApp

As we all know that the popularity of WhatsApp has grown tremendously that many Whatsapp tricks and tips coming on the internet. There are many secret Tricks and Tips of WhatsApp that many of us don’t know. So today through this article we are going to open the many secrets of WhatsApp.

Use WhatsApp Without Mobile Number or Without SIM Card

If your respective device doesn’t support to have a SIM card, Don’t worry but make sure that your device must support internet connection with using any kind of cable or Wi-Fi connection. Because we allowed to send or receive messages or any other activities on whatsapp only with proper internet connection. We will guide you how you can activate whatsapp with a number which is not your own i.e Fake Whatsapp Number.

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Steps to Use WhatsApp without Mobile Number or Phone Number

  • If you are already a user of this app then just uninstall it from your phone, beleive me nothing will happen to your WhatsApp account.
  • Before deleting your whatsapp account, you must save your whatsapp files or photos on to your phone.
  • Now download WhatsApp messenger from Google Play store and install it.
  • Enable flight mode on your smartphone.
  • Open your downloaded and installed new whatsapp app and enter your mobile number. It’s in flight mode so, it’s not complete verification process.
  • So whatsapp will now ask you to choose alternative methods to check your number.
  • Choose “Check through  SMS ” and enter your email address.
  • Click the submit button, and then click the Cancel button. This is required to terminate the authorization process.
  • Now, it’s time to install spoof or fake message apps for your respective devices to use whatsapp app without mobile number. Download and install Fake message app.
  • Now go to the Outbox and copy the message details from the Spoofer Application application and place in the scan.
  • here use below details to complete false verification of whatsapp. To : +447900347295 From : your country code, your mobile number & message : Your e-Mail address.
  • Above process send a false number to you. You just use that false or spoof number to complete verification process. Now, you are ready to use WhatsApp without SIM card or without mobile/phone number with that false mobile number.

Steps to Hack Your Friends WhatsApp Conversation

pic of hacking conversation WhatsApp

  • Get your friend phone for some time.
  • Go to settings —> About phone —> Status—> Wi-Fi MAC address
  • Note down the mac address. Keep the phone for few more minutes.
  • Now go to your phone and uninstall whatsapp.
  • Change your Mac id to your friend’s one by Spoofing Mac.
  • Now Download and install whatsapp on your phone. Whatsapp will send the verification code to your friend’s phone.
  • verify your downloaded whatsapp by the verification code sent to your friend’s phone.
  • You have installed exact replica of your friend’s whatsapp. Now whatever he or she will do, you can track it with your phone.

How to Send All WhatsApp Conversation To Email?email-conversation on whatsApp

It is very easy to send all your whatsapp conversation to your email address. You can use this whatsapp trick to take the backup of your important whatsapp conversation in your email. To use this trick, you just need to follow below given steps:

  • Go to whatsApp first and then press any contact for few second on your smartphone.
  • One pop up window will be open on your smartphone.
  • Tap on email conversation, from this option you can send all your messages of particular contact to your email id.

How to Share ZIP, PDF, EXE, APK, RAR and Big Files?Pic of share pfd files

This given trick will help you share zip, pdf, exe, apk, rar and big files from your whatsapp. As we all know whatsapp came with the limitation that you can only send audio, video and images with it. But with the help of our provided trick you can send big files on WhatsApp. Following are the steps to send big files on whatsApp:-

  • First of all install Dropbox and Cloudsend Application in your mobile.
  • Open CloudSend, you will be prompted to link with Dropbox, Click Allow.
  • Share the file in cloudsend which you want to send.
  • File be automatically uploaded to your DropBox server and link will be provided to that file
  • Copy the provided link and share it with your friends in WhatsApp. Your friends will simply open this link and you will be able to download the file on your mobile phone.

How To Know When He Or She Read Your MessageMessage read on WhatsApp

Sometimes we are confused that whether our friend has read the message which we have send. Now no need to worry we are going to tell you a short trick about this fact. If there is only single tick mark it means that the message is not delivered. But if there is double tick mark it means that the message is delivered and if the double tick mark is of blue colour it means that the message is seen by your

How to use WhatsApp Quote Feature To Quote Any Message?

For this you need to long press on the selected message. Now if you look at the top section, you will be able to view a new icon. This icon is the Reply icon. Press on it. Now you will be allowed to type-in your reply or your comments regarding the selected message. Type in your comment and send to your friend.

How to save Your Mobile Data Usage By Stopping Auto Media Download?


As you use of whatsapp, you must have a part of number of whatsapp groups. As you know in Groups, lots of people share images and videos. If you even not using that group that images and videos will be automatically downloaded in your mobile. So it will indirectly use your Mobile Data to download it. You can easily stop it to download data automatically. Go to Setting >Data Usage >When using mobile data >Uncheck all. Through this trick you can save you mobile data.