Best Smart Phones In India 2017 Lets Check The Specs And Prices

Best Smart Phones In India 2017: Every one wants to buy the best smart phone in the market at low cost but at last they end up buying a phone by compromising or by following the words of the retailer. Don’t depend on other and let them choose you mobile. As you’re the one who uses the phone and it should be liked by you not others. This article is for are the smart phone lovers who are in confusion and unable to decide which phone you wana have. And also there are full details about price range so that you can buy the best phone which falls under your budget with out compromising or listening to others. Your phone your wish. Check the complete details about the best smart phones in the market this year along with the specifications and prices ranges.

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Best Smart Phones In India 2017 Lets Check The Specs And Prices

Best Smart Phones In India 2017

Every year the new brand mobiles get launched in the market. Some models are like by the users some are not. But every  mobile and brand has its own features built in the devices. Even the users are very smart in using the smart phones. Now a days they are checking the features which are coming with the device as we can notice in the recent days the prices and brand may vary but most of the features in the smart phone are similar even in different price ranges. Below are the list of mobiles which you guys can check and opt as per your need

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Best Smart Phones In India 2017:

Best Smart phone under Price Tag Rs 5,000 is : Xolo Era 1X

Getting a smart phone at this price range is really good. At this price range, it is very hard to find the best phones as every one aware of this. in year 2016 we saw phone makers, especially the Chinese ones which is like not having more value for money.  From the research and sources we got a phone which looks the best in this price tag. We feel that with the current price of Rs 4,999, the Xolo Era 1X is the best phone to buy in this segment. As even in this price range it supports 4G,

Name Of the Smart Phone: Xolo Era 1X

Price:  Rs 4,999

Display: 5-inch screen

Resolution: 720P resolution


Internal Storage: 8GB internal storage.

Rear Cam: 8-megapixel camera

Front Cam:5-megapixel camera

Best Smart phone under Price Tag Rs 10,000: Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime

Under this price range we can find more number of smart phones which starts creating confusion. We came across with a smart phone which is best in this price range. For Rs 8,999, the Xiaomi Redmi 3S is a fantastic phone. As soon as it launched and hit the market it sales were very high with this model, we called it Xiaomi’s greatest hit.

This phone contains of all the features which are required and latest now a days. It is also included with a fingerprint sensors, and quite amazing hardware for its price.  However there is an alternate for the users who think thevRs 9,000 is too expensive for you, you can also consider the Redmi 3S.

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Redmi 3s which has a price of Rs 7,000 which is more or less similar to Redmi 3s Prime. The only major difference which you will notice between these two variants is that the Prime has a fingerprint sensor, 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage. Where are for the Redmi 3S, without Prime attached to it, has 2GB RAM and 16GB storage. But everything else is same.

The users also has an alternate for choosing other than Redmi 3s it it is out of stock , as you should consider the Redmi Note 3, which sells for Rs 9,999 in its base variant or the Lenovo K6 Power, which too has a price closer to Rs 10,000. Both of these are also very fine phones.

Name Of The Smart Phone: Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime

Price: Rs 8,999


Internal Storage: 32GB internal storage

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Best Smart phone Under Price Tag Rs 15,000: Moto G4 Plus

In the mobile brand Moto is the brand which brings you the best smart phone under different price ranges this time one of its phone falls under this bracket. The Motorola Moto G4 Plus is the new phone which was launched several months ago. But it continues to be in our top pick for this price range. The reason why it still tops the chart in this price range is because the Moto G4 Plus (32GB variant) with its current price of Rs 13,999 represents phenomenal value. This phone come with agood quality display with 5.5-inch screen, very clean Android Marshmallow software and a great camera for its price. Along with that there is a feasibility to upgrade the OS to Nougat. It is also a fairly fast phone, thanks to all that clean and streamlined software. While some users may get tempted by a few other phones that have more slick design or some seemingly cooler looking features, but almost all consumers will be happy with great user experience that the Moto G4 Plus offers in this price range.

Best Smart phone Under Price Tag Rs 20,000: Xiaomi Mi 5

As upto 15000 price range you have seen the best mobile now comes another mobile which is hitting the list in two price ranges i.e, XIAOMI. As the brand making their products available in all the price brackets. Now this brand hit the list in 20k price range. As recently there is a price cut on the Xiaomi Mi 5, bringing it under the Rs 20,000 prices bracket. That makes our job easier and even the users who are under this price range can afford this with out any issues. If you are looking to buy the best phone for Rs 20,000, you can’t go wrong with the Mi 5, which is not only a stunning looking phone but also packs in very capable hardware.


Best Smart phone Under Proce Tag Rs 25,000: Skip To Other

Given how good are our Rs 30,000 picks, we will suggest you don’t spend Rs 25,000 on a phone. Either get the Xiaomi Mi 5 which is in the price range if 20K, or move up little bit your budget in order to value for your money.

Best Smart phone Under Price Range Rs 30,000: OnePlus 3T

Under this price range you can buy a smart phone which is considered as best is OnePlus 3T, a phenomenal phone in this prices bracket which can be considered as value for money. This mobile OnePlus 3T has everything — great looks, fast performance, fantastic hardware, a surprisingly good camera, lots of storage and pretty clean software. You can’t ask for more in a Rs 30,000 phone, or for that matter in a phone at any specific price point.

Best Smart Phones In India 2017:

Apart from the OnePlus 3T we can suggest some other mobiles. That said, there are three more phones that we recommend in this price range.

— Mobile named Nexus 6P is also selling its mobile in a price range of Rs 30,998 . Nexus phone with clean software and a great camera, which user getting in this price range is very cool. you can opt for it if you want clean Android experience and desire a large phone.

— Another phone as a suggestion is iPhone 6 too is also selling its device under the Rs 30,000 as part of its promotional sale. As this is two years old iPhone, but with out any doubt we can totally recommend it at this price.

— The last recommendation and the third option here is the OnePlus 3, which is as similar as the OnePlus 3T but costs Rs 2,000 less. If the users are dealing with a tight budget and don’t want to spend more, this is what you should go for.

Best Smart phone Under Price Range for Rs 45,000

As we have already given how good is OnePlus 3T, currently right now we don’t recommend any phone in this price bracket.

Although, we can suggest if you are partial to the iPhone, you can take a look at the iPhone 6S.

At the same time, if you are looking for a high-end phone that is also waterproof, consider Galaxy S7 , which sells for around Rs 43,000.

There is another mobile which is HTC 10, another good phone. Go for it if you are looking for a phone with great audio performance a well-sculpted user experience.

Best Smart Phone Under Price Tag For Rs 55,000: Two Mobiles Pixel and 7

As we covered all the best phones under different price ranges. If you still looking for something else, in this price range which is more than routine budget then there are two great phones which falls under this price rage that we suggest.

In the first suggestion Our first preference here is the Google Pixel which is recently launched and getting good reviews on this that it is an absolutely fantastic phone, with sweet sweet Android Nougat. The Pixel comes with the world’s best mobile operating system and a really capable camera, which can shoot nice photos in even low light.

Apart from the pixel the other option on this price range is the iPhone 7, especially this suggestion is for the users if you are an iPhone user and want to upgrade. The iPhone 7 too is a fantastic phone, with good hardware backed by Apple brand.

Best Smart Phones In India 2017: Larger Screen

Apart from all variants in specifications and price ranges if any users looking for a unique feature. Unfortunately we don’t have the top Galaxy Note (RIP Note 7), we are giving the nod to the Nexus 6P as the preferred large-screen phone. It has a 5.7-inch screen, and as noted earlier, it is a great phone.

There are Two more top Smart phones

There are two phones that we are specially highlighting here apart from the above phones: Among the two the first one is Google Pixel XL and the other is iPhone 7 Plus.

If you want to choose a Pixel, we suggest the XL model. It is more expensive but once you are spending above Rs 50,000 on a phone, you should grin and bear it. The extra that you will spend on XL will get you a bigger screen, and it is worth it.

Rather if you want to opt for iphone in that case iPhone 7 Plus, the premium gets you even more.In this mobile you not only get a big screen but also dual lens camera the second camera in the iPhone 7 Plus is really really useful.

The above are the Best Smart Phones In India 2017 which were listed along with their price range. If you guys have any suggestions on this please add comments. Stay tuned to this website for more updates on the latest gadgets, new OS releases, updated versions of applications and many more. You can also bookmark this website for latest updates