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If you’re on Facebook and loves sharing things about you, then its time to reconsider that. I’m in no way discouraging you stop using Facebook, however there are certain details that we suggest you can avoid to keep yourself safe.

As we all know Facebook is very powerful medium to make any news as viral. Most of us search for many interesting things on social media like on Facebook. So, before you decide to post any thing think twice because it may affect your privacy and other important details.

Today,through this post our aim is to make you aware of those details.

Kindly go through the below description to know about what all are those and how they may affect. So, let see what all things that we should Never Post On Facebook.

Avoid Posting These Details On Facebook @ Gadgetdose

Never Post On Facebook

1.) Data Related To Personal And Financial Security


There are different kinds of information that you should not share among many, one of the information is Personal And Financial Security data. Information like home address, mobile number, date of births, your mother’s maiden name, or any other information. These all information which may indirectly help attackers indirectly to steal data. So, it is advised to protect your self.

2.) Hints To Your Passwords 


It is something like falling in our own pits. Never ever share any information related to your password. Because, many intruders looks for the data hacks and may share illegal data or content using your account. So, we are responsible for our own account. So we should keep our account details and information safe.

3.) Location Information 


Giving your location details is something like sharing details about the way to your location. These are the details which are very important. The details about the location is something like sharing our home address. These details may be helpful for the people who you don’t want to share the location details. Via using this they can track an approach easily. You can even turn off the location sharing on Facebook.

4.) Travel Plans


Sharing the events or travel plans is not a good idea. As now a days every one uses social media for many purposes. Criminals are keenly watching social networks to figure out when they can target potential victims

5.) Humblebrags


If you have good news, share it in a way that feels genuine. Don’t try to fish for compliments or make others envious of your lifestyle. It is not a good way to share the feelings. Don’t make others jealous on your win it may route to any disturbances that you can’t predict.

6.) Attention-Seeking Posts


It is something like begging for comments, likes or shares. These posts will be like making user to curios to know about what happen, what is the reason behind the posts and etc. The posts will be considered as vague. vague posts that simply proclaim a day the “worst day ever” or even the “best day ever.”

7.) Too Much Personal Information

Personal Information

Never share any personal information that is no need for the world to know. If you broke up with some one there is no need the Fb users to know this because no one feels sorry for other it will be like an entertainment for them for some time. The same way never share your feelings or love over Facebook as there are different kinds of people every one point of thinking will not be same and their comments may disturb your peace of mind.

8.) Embarrassing Photos

Embarrassing Photos

It is not a good idea to post photos that give the wrong impression of you or your friends. Posting them is a great way to send the wrong message to everyone who is looking at your profile, and it’s also pretty easy for photos to be shared and go viral these days. These posts may hurt other or your friends and it may sometime create unbreakable walls between the relations so please be safe and happy.

9.) Kids Photos


If you have to post a photo, avoid adding geographical information, hinting at where a child goes to school, or using his or her real or full name. In these days social media is very powerful and open to all. So taking care on some points is more important. Being safe is also good for us.

10.) Private Photos


Never share any of your private photos over Facebook. As social media is very vast and many users involved in it among may only you may knew only few so never ever share any of your private pics over Facebook to any one.

11.) Complaints About Job


Every individual has one or the other complaints on jobs. It is advised not to share any complaints about your working organisation. Your friends who are unemployed or underemployed think that you’re being ungrateful for the job that you’ve managed to land, but it can also get you into trouble with your employer

12.) Information About Work


Every project has some specific policies. And also important private information that can be only accessible to their workers in their workstations. So if you share any of the work related information that may place in you a big trouble as that may be a policy violation and can be lead to termination too.

13.) Other People News Or Information

other people information

Don’t be the first to announce other people’s big news on Facebook. It will be something like you taking their emotion before they express. It is not good. As they may be planning for surprise and through your post it may get ruined. So, be careful on sharing the other people information on Facebook

14.) Politically Charged Moments

 Politically Charged Moments

It’s not a good idea to post political rants or religiously-motivated opinions on Facebook. Better to stay away from these kind of things. Before you post any thing think twice that could be construed as insensitive, or taken out of context.

15.) Offensive Jokes Or Posts


It is an advise that don’t risk an awkward situation later by posting something offensive now. While it might seem funny at the time, and could get a few laughs from the friends you’re out on the town with, it’s not worth the risk of offending family members, friends, or even that boss that you forgot you friended.

16.) Gossips


Gossips which is very bad in real life too not only in social media. This may gives a bad impression. It is not a good idea to vent your frustrations on Facebook. Calling someone out online, even if you don’t name them explicitly, can ruin the relationship.

17.) Facebook Hoaxes


Reposting a status about how you own the content you post, for instance, just makes you look like you are unable to perform a basic Google search for a quick fact-check)

18.) Medical Misinformation




Unless you have a medical degree or are a qualified professional, you probably shouldn’t be writing rants about the dangers of conventional medicine or telling people that they should use these medicines as they are related to health and lives.

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