Android O Features Google Upcoming Operating System Check Insights

Android O Features: Every person now a days uses smart phone with latest features. In market there are different mobiles with different feature with updated versions and available at various price ranges. Now a days every android user know about the versions of their android mobiles as they change the look and feel. There may be different applications and in built features which differs from the other operating systems in mobile.

Every know google releases the android versions alphabetical so this time the letter O takes the chance to hit the android devices with latest updates or we can say features that we are looking for. Check the complete details about the features which are upcoming in the androids as an updates for the operating system.

Android O Features Google Upcoming Operating System Check Insights

Android O Features

Google the giant search network has recently rolled out the first developer preview of Android O, which allows us to take a sneak peek through all the upcoming features in Android’s next major update.

The latest update of the Android O primarily focuses on streamlining notifications and also in improving the battery life. This also comes with a new keyboard controls in the wake of Chromebooks supporting Android applications natively.

From the sources we came to know that the Android O Developer Preview, which is ‘strictly’ not intended for daily or consumer use, is available for the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Pixel, Pixel XL and Pixel C devices. So, as this is a developer preview, Google might add some additional features or remove some of them which were mentioned below before the actual consumer preview is released in the month of May.

Below are the some Android O Features:

Better battery life:

Every smart phone user faces this crunch. This the major reason the power bank hits the market and getting sold very easily. From the past updates which were release by the Android updates we have seen a lot of features such as Doze mode and Doze on the go which majorly concentrates at improving the device battery life. With Android O, Google is further aiming to down on erratic apps eating the battery life in the background. This can be the best thing that can be added as positive to this upcoming OS.

While the present version of android which is Android 7.0 Nougat gave the OS the ability to restrict background activities of applications whilst the phone is in a state of suspended animation. With the upcoming version Android O, Google is introducing additional automatic limits on what applications can do (or cannot do) in the background.


Streamlined notifications:

Notifications is the option which helps in notifying before opening the app actually. In the present Android 7.0 Nougat which has introduced a new slick interface for notifications along with several new features.

Android O aims to solve the notification issues with its new ‘notification channels’ feature, which gives app developers to group notifications together by their type. This feature will allows users to have a granular control on each channel. Ex: Users can decide how news based notifications will be displayed or how text alerts are displayed.

This feature can help you in differentiating the notifications as this can be segmented into different channels like sports news, text messages, music applications and so on and users can control each channel separately this is the major point in this. The notification shade will also group notifications by channel, making it much easier to glance through relevant notifications.


As of now the AutoFill in Android exists for certain applications like Messages and Chrome, this feature is app-specific and it is not a part of the OS. There is an update on this in Android O, Google is adding platform support for AutoFill. Once users select which AutoFill app they want to use, it will be able to fill passwords and other details across the whole operating system.

Picture in picture:

A new feature PIP is introducing with this OS. Google is also introducing picture-in-picture support (PIP) with Android O OS. With PIP, the most advanced feature is the users will be able to minimize whatever video they are watching and watch it whilst using another application. Developers of this can actually specify the aspect ratio they want for their application and can even set custom interactions on the PIP window. As this feature is already available on devices running Android TV.

Audio improvements:

Along with the imporvements in the view applications with this Android O, Google is introducing several new features aimed at audiophiles. Android O brings with it support for high-quality audio codecs such as LDAC. Additionally, Google is also introducing AAudio – a new native API for applications needing support for high-performance, low-latency audio.

Adaptive Icons

Along with notifications, audio it is also looking to imporve the icons. With the Google Pixel, Google introduced the Pixel launcher which brought with it a new deign language centred around circular icons.

Acknowledging the fact that almost every major Android OEM has their own design language, Google is introducing something called ‘Adaptive Icons’ in Android O. Google said in a statement – “You can now create adaptive icons that the system displays in different shapes, based on a mask selected by the device.”

Better keyboard navigation:

Apart from these the Android O is also trying to improve the keyboard. Google has introduced a new model for keyboard navigation in Android O.Specifically, Android O brings with it a better way to navigate around Android using the arrow and tab keys on the keyboard.

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