Android O After Android Nougat Is It True Check Updates Right Now

Android O: Almost every smart phone user knows about the operating systems which their smart devices working on. After Marshmallow Android N which is known as Nougat which was officially released 8 months ago, in August 2016, and we’ve been seeing a continuous rollout on Android flagships ever since. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Google has been working on the next Android update. there are few updates recently released by the google in upgrading the OS. There supposed to be different versions as it keep on changing and they try to improve the performance along with that they also concentrate on the user interactions and user usability.

As every one knows that the versions are releasing in an alphabetical order. As most of the users know the versions like Jelly bean,Kitkat,Lolli pop, Marshmallow, Nougat now it the turn for O .we do know for sure that the next Android version will start with O. Before any official announcement on this there are different rumours which are circulating around the market. Let check the complete details what we can actually expect and imagine on this upcoming feature.

Android O After Android Nougat Is It True Check Updates Right Now

Android O

Android O Release Date

As of now there is no official Android O release date declared it is still unknown, but we know that Google is currently working on it. As we’ve seen in the years before, we should get official confirmation and a glimpse into the first developer version of Android O at the Google I/O Developer conference between May 17 and 19 this year.

Android O Features:

There is no official announcement on this but there are some insights as to what we can expect from Google in May. One of the features the anonymous source leaked that there is a feature called “Copy Less”. The feature is basically an intelligent copy paste – where the user is prompted with an automated suggestion. The assumption here is that if you are chatting with a friend about where to eat, and then look in a third party app like Yelp for a good restaurant (and find one), and then return to the chat and start typing “it’s at” or a similar prompt – the address of the restaurant will automatically pop up as a suggestion.

Another feature would see Android O emulate something that Apple introduced with iOS a few years ago: responsive text in messages. In short, if you receive a message on your smartphone that contains an address, phone number, or date and you click on it, it opens the respective app for it. So, in this case, either Google Maps, the dialer or your calendar. As this feature is already available in the Gmail Web App, it would be a very welcome addition to the Android system.

The last rumoured Android O feature that the source revealed was what sounds like a evolution of LGs “Tap To Wake” and Huawei’s “Knuckle 2.0” feature. It’s rumoured that Google is working on finger gestures to trigger actions. It would work similar to what we know from Huawei’s “Knuckle 2.0” – where you draw a specific symbol (like the letter C), and it will open up a corresponding app (like the Camera app or Calendar).

The first two rumoured features “copy less” and intelligent content in messages are both evolutions of existing features – and I personally think that it’s more than likely that they will be included in Android O. I do have serious doubts about the finger gestures though.

What’s in a name? What does Android O stand for?

As with almost every new Android release, the community speculates what the letter stands for. However we do have  only official clue that we have is that Google tends to name its Android versions after sweets, so the hunt is on to guess what obscure desserts start with O

Android Oreo: could it be true?

Now we know that Hiroshi Lockheimer, the president of Android, is well known for teasing information and putting jokes on Twitter. But, we aren’t sure if he is just trolling us with this tweet or hiding seriousness behind a joke.

In order to break the Ice we need to wait till there is an official announcement on this.

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