Android 8.1 Oreo ! Latest Feature On Saving Battery

Android 8.1 Oreo :   Soon Google will rolled out new version Oreo OS i.e Oreo 8.1. Before the launch the this version of Android OS is making a lot of buzz in the tech world.
If sources are to be believed, Google is working on improving one feature in Oreo OS that is improving battery life.

Most of the Android users will start receiving new OS update. Many new features will be added to the new OS. One feature that is going to make most of us happy is saving battery which many of us face in our phone.

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Android 8.1 Oreo ! Latest Feature On Saving Battery

Android 8.1 Oreo

Most of the Android users might be aware that Android 8.0 is the latest OS that rolled out recently in the market. Google continuously working in order to increase the performance of the software. Recently they released the updates of OTA. Still they are working for big one.

As per the sources and from the Twitter highlights we came to know that Google is working on Android 8.1 in order to find the solution on spaces. In this version Google is concentrating on the app storage. They want to reduce the size of the apps.

Android 8.1 Oreo

We have also got the news that from in Oreo 8.1 the users will be notified on which app is draining the battery fast.


As you can notice in the above image, with the help of battery settings you can see an app that has been draining your battery.  You cannot miss the notification as it will have a red battery icon right next to it.

You can see the two examples from the screenshot that Tile and Fenix apps draining the battery most. Tile has been requesting location data frequently while Fenix is keeping the phone awake even when not in use.

As these two apps are major culprit here we can now take an action to fix it. So when we simply top on the warnings, Google redirects you to the next screen with an option to disable both the settings.

The above image and apps are referred as an example, and users can find other apps like Maps or Facebook. These apps may drain your phone’s battery without your knowledge.

So we are expecting this feature in the upcoming OS from google which was added in the developer version of the app.So, we can expect some new feature from Google new upcoming OS and hopefully it will be great one.

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