Amazing Whatsapp Tricks For iPhone Users: Here Is Our Top 6 List

Whatsapp Tricks For iPhone Users:-  Here is your chance to impress your friends and family. We have researched and listed top 6 insane Whatsapp tricks for iPhone and Android Users that will certainly blow your friends mind. If you own a smartphone, chances are there you may using Whatsapp, who doesn’t like this app has broken all records in the history for most downloaded app on both iOS and Android.

Here is top three reasons why this Whatsapp is most popular: 

  1. Free for lifetime
  2. No Annoying ads
  3. Very simple to use and great interface.

Now that we have given reason on why Whatsapp is insanely popular. Let’s see how you can become an expert of Whatsapp. There are many crazy things you can do with this app apart from boring sending and receiving messages :D.

Take control of Whatsapp now and show how it’s done to your friends with our top 6 Whatsapp Tricks For iPhone Users and Android:


There was a time when we used to send text messages without internet on phones. Now the whole world is digital and we used to send text messages through internet to other phones. If we are talking about sending text messages and if we are not talking about WhatsApp then it’s not fair right.

WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most popular apps across all mobile platforms, handling over 30 million messages daily. Recently the company has come with end-to-end encryption. So below we are providing tops tips and tricks of WhatsApp.

How to use WhatsApp on desktop/laptop/PC

use whatsapp on desktop

use whatsapp on desktop

use whatsapp on desktop

WhatsApp is called giant messaging app because it provides many awesome features. You of the best function is that you can use WhatsApp on your desktop/laptop. Below are the steps through which you can use WhatsApp on desktop/laptop:-

  • Go to the app website-
  • To access this, go to Settings > WhatsApp Web/Desktop.
  • The app will then use your camera to scan a QR code.
  • Hold your smartphone up to your monitor, scan the code, and allow the app to log you into your account where you can continue your chat.


How to Hide Last Seen, Profile Photo, and Status on whatsapp

Wahtsapp tricks-gadgetdose

If someone wants to spy on you on whatsApp then you need not to worry. we are going to tell you how to hide last seen, profile photo and status. Below are the steps, you can follow to hide last seen, profile photo and status and carry on your chat to enjoy the app:-

  • Open WhatsApp app on your smartphone.
  • To do the function go to Settings > Account > Privacy.
  • Here, you can choose whether you want everyone, your contacts, or nobody to be able to see the aforementioned information.
  • you can click on the option provided and enjoy on WhatsApp.

How to back up your chats on whatsapp


Whatsapp has also provided facility of backing up your chats. for this you have to follow our below steps:-

  • Open WhatsApp on your smartphone.
  • Go to Settings > Chats > Chat Backup.
  • Here you can schedule an Auto Backup that will allow you to create daily, weekly, or monthly backups.
  • Click on the option for the chat backup i.e daily, weekly or monthly.
  • The software will push your data to iCloud or Google Drive, meaning you can easily restore your messages when you re-install WhatsApp.

How to recover deleted messages on Whatsapp 

Due to some malfunction or some other reasons you lost your all messages on whatsapp, don’t worry here we are sharing the trick to recover your lost messages. Follow our below steps to recover deleted messages on your WhatsApp:-

  • WhatsApp saves all conversation on SD Cards of mobile.
  • If you don’t use SD card then it will be stored on internal phone memory.
  • Go to Mobile SD Card/phone memory > Whatsapp > Database: Here you will find msgstore.db.crypt file which contains all messages which you have received and sent in the same day. You can also find another file in same folder msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt which contains all messages sent and received in last seven days.
  • Simply open these files with any simple text editors.
  • In the above steps you can recover WhatsApp messages.

How to manage a group on Whatsapp

Whatsapp tricks

Almost everyone of us is involved in a group chat, right. Some of us may be the admin of the group. Are you are confused to manage a group? Here we have the solution. follow below steps to manage a group in expert mode:-

  •  Tap the name of the group which you want to manage.
  • This will open Group Info, where you have more control.
  • Here, you can see individual links, media, or documents that have been shared in the group.
  • If you want to add a new participant, or you want to send someone the link to that group, you will also see the option to do both if you scroll down.
  • In this way you can manage your group and enjoy chatting in your group.

How to minimize your data usage on Whatsapp

Whatsapp tricks

Everyone of us want to save the data because it takes our lot of money. you can also minimize the data on WhatsApp so you can save your data for other uses. follow our below steps to minimize your data usage:-

  • Open you WhatsApp app and go to Settings > Data and Storage Usage.
  • Here, you can choose whether you want media and documents to be downloaded via your Wi-Fi network, cellular network, or neither network.
  • You can also turn on Low Data Usage to minimize the amount of data used during WhatsApp audio/video call.

How to read Whatsapp Messages ?

There is one very simple step to read Whatsapp messages, however you might have to spend some money on it. We are talking about installing spy software on the device whose whatsapp messages you want to read.

There are many paid software available, But I like Mspy. It has all the feature of a hacking software.