A super easy tricks to change wallpaper on Android Smartphone Automatically

Android Wallpaper Change Automatically

Reading Time: 3 minutesChanging the background of your android device is once of the most frequent thing which all the users do. Some like static and some like live wallpapers. But whats this article talking about?? As changing the background is simple and every user do its manually. How about if we customize the Android device so that the background changes automatically whenever

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A proven method to increase Laptop battery life in easiest way

Battery Life Of Laptop

Reading Time: 3 minutesIncrease Laptop battery life¬†:¬†Limited backup time of batteries is the most concern for many of the laptop or netbook users. As far as your you system is very new you don’t face any issues with the battery life. Once it becomes a few months old then you face an issue in the battery life. You will notice that the battery

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