10 Gmail Tips And Tricks For Android Users Check Now For Detail Info

Most of us are familiar with Gmail. Report suggests almost 80 percent of the users who use internet have Gmail ID. This gives us overall idea about the popularity of this Google Product. Today, we are sharing some of the best Gmail tips and tricks that will make you expert in this.

Note: This post will take only five minutes to read, but will give knowledge of lifetime, our promise!

The Gmail tips and tricks we have shared below have been last tested on 25th August, 2017, so we can assure you that it works great.

From How to block someone on Gmail or to the extent of even how you delete Gmail permanently has been shared below. As a bonus Gmail Tips, we have shared one of Gmail most popular feature how to undo a sent message on Gmail.

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From a list of different Gmail tricks which will make you an expert. Today, we are sharing 10 Gmail tips and tricks shortlisted from the best Gmail Tricks.

Gmail Tips And Tricks Android Users

10 Gmail Tips And Tricks

Here are the top 10 tricks which we are going to explain you guys in details. Below are the 10 Gmail Tips And Tricks:

1. Keep on top of your email with gestures

2. Deal with everything as it arrives

3. Bulk edit

4. Widget your way to inbox zero

5. Save space

6. Search like a pro

7. Mute conversations

8. Auto-advance is your friend

9. Settle your bills

10. Make your emails look better

1. Keep on top of your email with gestures

Using Swipe gesture you can archive or delete emails. This Gmail Trick is most popular among Android users. As every day you will receive a lot of emails. If you receive a lot of emails, you’ll just simply see the subject line is enough to know what you need to do with it in many cases. So, to quickly deal with all your incoming stream of mail, you can assign swipe actions, which means you don’t need to open it inn order to archive or delete it.

Keep on top of your email with gestures

Gmail doesn’t offer the option to ‘snooze’ a mail until a later date here, like Inbox by Google, however there is an option where you can delete or archive your messages in just a swipe. If you want to change the option between Archive and Delete options, open the Gmail app > click Settings > General settings > Gmail default action.  

2. Deal with everything as it arrives

Now that you know you can just quickly flick your way through a list of messages, if you’ve got multiple inboxes, Android’s Gmail app has a really useful option that lets you view everything as it comes in across multiple accounts.

 Deal with everything as it arrives

The option is called ‘All Inboxes’ and tapping it does as you’d expect: shows you a list of messages in chronological order regardless of what address they were sent to. For anyone that needs to keep multiple inboxes clear of mess by quickly whipping through the incoming mail as it arrives, this one is essential.

It can get a little confusing if you’ve got around five or more addresses set up though.

3. Bulk edit

Bulk operations which is an easy task for doing more than one operations like delete. This is the best feature rather deleting the email individually you can do it more emails at a time. Most of the users opens individual emails in order to clear it from there inbox but it is a bit difficult if you have plenty of emails.This one Gmail tricks I wish I would have known before.

There is a gesture which makes this work simple

bulk edit gmail

Instead, just open up the inbox or folder you want to organize, long-press on an item and it’ll give you the option to select as many more as you want. Once you have the messages you want selected, you can move them, assign a label, mark them as important, delete them, archive them or mark them as unread it is as simple as reading an email. You can also just click the icon next to each email to select more than one rather than long-pressing.

4. Widget your way to inbox zero

Love them or hate them but you have to accept that, emails widgets can be a time-saver. Anything that prevents you from opening the inbox even once is welcomed in our book.

Gmail currently has two widget options available by default – either a view of your incoming mail from the account and label of your choosing, or the ability to add a label icon to your home screen to jump directly to that account and inbox when you tap it.

gmail widgets

To add a Gmail widget is as simple as adding any other – tap and hold on an empty space on one of your home screens and you will get an option to choose the option to insert a widget. Scroll through your widget list to find the Gmail widget. Tap and hold it, then drag it onto an available home screen. When you let go, you will be asked to choose the account and inbox that the widget will display. Once you’re finished, you can also have an ability to resize the widget by tapping and holding it.

5. Save space

Even there an option which helps in saving the space. Email attachments take up a surprising amount of room over time which eats up the space, so one way to keep your device feeling sprightly is to make sure you’re not keeping too much of your mail on your device via sync. This Gmail Tricks is one the best Gmail Tips and tricks shared in the list.

In order to make this space more productive check into the Settings and tap through to Accounts you can see which Google accounts are associated with the device — tap on one to make sure Gmail syncing is enabled.

androidpit gmail tips 3

Even from within the Gmail app itself you can choose Settings from the menu and tap on your email address to check your messages are set to sync. From the same screen you can also configure how many days of email are cached and which labels are included.

6. Search like a pro

There will be lot of email you receive and which includes personal, important and office mails too. The search function inside the app looks simple, but don’t let appearances deceive you, because it’s almost as capable as the one on the Web. For example, try entering “older_than:1y” or “older_than:1d” in the search box to find messages more than a year or a day old in your Gmail which will help you rather than searching with subject line.

gmail search

Google provides a handy list of search operators and just about all of them work in the Gmail app as well as Gmail on the web. The “is:important” can bring up all priority messages, while the “is:starred” operator lets you quickly jump to any messages that have been starred for further attention. These are the some which will be helpful more when compared to remaing. You can string together more specific operators to find messages from multiple people

7. Mute conversations

Mute is the best option which is included. To keep silent when we were disturbed or which make us irritate. When you’re on the go, you want to make sure that only the most important messages show up inside Gmail. The Android app, like Gmail on the Web, includes a mute feature that ensures any new messages that arrive in muted threads are automatically archived so you don’t see them – though they’ll still be marked Unread if you want to check back over them. I have always wanted this Gmail Tricks. Therefore, I have added it to the best gmail tips and tricks list.

Mute conversations

To do this from the Gmail app for Android, open a conversation then tap on the More menu (three vertical dots), then choose Mute from the list that appears. You can always pull the conversation up from the archive through a search or label filter if you need to find it again.

8. Auto-advance is your friend

Auto-advance is a really useful feature to use if you need to work through a lot of emails at once, as it saves you having to head back to the inbox each time you’ve archived or deleted a message thread. Instead, once you’re done with a mail, it automatically takes you to the next one in the pile.

Auto-advance is your friend

In order to activate you have to open the Gmail app, then tap Settings > General Settings. Select Auto-advance and the dialog box that shows up on screen lets you choose whether you want to jump to a newer message, an older message or back to the conversation list each time you delete or archive.

9. Settle your bills

This feature is available to only in US right now. While you’ve been able to send money via Gmail on the Web for a long while now, it’s only just been made available on Android devices, but it’s a simple way to pay back friends cash or pay for services without needing to switch to another app. It’s only available to users in the US running the most recent version of Gmail though.

gmail send money

Google says that the person receiving cash can even choose to have the money go directly to their bank account instead of a Google Wallet account, and the transaction doesn’t attract any fees at all.

10. Make your emails look better

To access the formatting options, long press to select some text when composing a message and the Format option will pop up, tap that and you’ll get a few different options along the bottom of the screen.

Make your emails look better

The setting are very basic – bold, italic, underline, text color, background text color – but if you just want to just change the appearance of your mails, this is a quick way to do it without using the desktop version. The option just to the left of the ‘x’ that closes the formatting options removes formatting on any words you have selected.

The above are the 10 Gmail Tips And Tricks which will help you in using the app very effectively with out any issues.

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