How To Block Someone On Facebook Messenger In Just 4 Steps

How To Block Someone in Facebook Messenger

If you use Facebook Messenger, you must have come across some creepy guy that you definitely wants to get rid off. Unlike, Whatsapp where a person needs your contact details to send you a message, on Facebook Messenger anyone can send you messages. Now, it has become very important to know how you can block someone on Facebook Messenger as

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How To Delete Conversation In Facebook Messenger @Gadgetdose

How To Delete Conversation In Facebook Messenger

If you not able to find how to delete your messages on Facebook Messenger, do not worry. I have explained simple process in the post below on How To Delete Conversation In Facebook Messenger, and yes you can thanked me later! Note: On the bottom of this page I have also covered the Frequently asked question related to How To

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How To Stop Facebook Showing Friend Suggestions

Facebook Friend Suggestions

Stop Facebook Friend Suggestions: I know it gets annoying sometimes when those unfamiliar faces keeps popping up in front of us whenever we browse Facebook. I’m getting friend suggestion of people I have never met in my life and frankly speaking I do not want that. In case, your situation is same like me or you have different reasons and

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Fix A Water Damaged Phone That Won’t Turn On!

Fix A Water Damaged Phone

Fix A Water Damaged Phone: One problem that most of us have faced is dropping our phone in water accidentally. If you have accidentally dropped your phone under water and now it won’t turn on, we have found the solution for it. In this post, we will cover things you need to do to fix your water damaged phone. You

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WhatsApp Night Mode Feature For iOS User! How To Enable

WhatsApp Night Mode Feature For iOS User

WhatsApp Night Mode Feature For iOS User: WhatsApp is the most downloaded app in both the stores like play store and apple store. WhatsApp is the well known messenger app. There are different features which were recently released by the the app. Latest Article: WhatsApp Shares Any File Type WhatsApp video calls, audio calls, video status, bookmark the messages, GIFs, searching the

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