How To Send GIFs In WhatsApp Check Steps With Images @Gadgetdose

How To Send GIFs In WhatsApp

How To Send GIFs In WhatsApp is the new feature. WhatsApp is the messaging app which is used by almost every smartphone user. It frequently updates its app with different features. There are different features that makes the app more interesting and user friendly. Latest Feature: WhatsApp Call Screen Changed WhatsApp includes voice call, video calling, different document can be

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WhatsApp Call Screen Changed New Update 2017

WhatsApp Call Screen

Whatsapp is a well known app to every smartphone user. It usually includes different features frequently. There are almost 1.2 billion users using WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a messenger at first it is used for only messaging. But it is not only meant for messaging but also there are different features included in it. The most trending and recently included features

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Facebook Photo Frame Latest 2017 Feature Update

Facebook Photo Frame

Facebook Photo Frame is the most trending feature now a days. Facebook regularly comes with latest features. There is recent feature which makes your profile picture more beautiful. As most of the users don’t know about the Facebook Photo Frames. There are different frames which are pre-installed and can be used easily. Today we are going to help in uploading

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How To Optimize A Photo For Facebook Updated 2017 Tricks

How To Optimize A Photo For Facebook

How To Optimize A Photo For Facebook: Facebook which is a well known social network. Most of the people easily gets addicted to this network. It always comes with different features and adopt them easily. Posting the picture, videos, sharing the media over social network and many more are the most common factors which makes every user addicts to it. There

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Refurbished On Sale On July 7th

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Refurbished

Latest update from the mobile brand Samsung on it’s Samsung Note 7 model. Yes, there is an update on this mobile model that the gadget is again hitting the mobile market with a new name and few changes in the gadget. Most Useful: How To Stop WhatsApp Auto Downloading Samsung also confirmed on this announcement on this that Samsung Note

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UPTIME Youtube’s Co-Viewing App For iOS Users

UPTIME Youtube's Co-Viewing App

UPTIME Youtube’s Co-Viewing App is the latest application in the app stores. A new app which was released in the month of March. UPTIME is the googles app which available only for iOS users, it is not available for Android users as of now. Most Trending: How To Block Someone In WhatsApp UPTIME is the latest project from Google Startup incubator. Google

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WhatsApp Beta Update New Features Initial Releases Will Be Available

WhatsApp Beta Update

WhatsApp Beta Update is one of the feature from WhatsApp which is used to get the updates of the app first than other normal users of the App. In order to use the Beta version of the Whatsapp you no need to install any new apps. In the WhatsApp itself has an option for it. Latest Article: WhatsApp Shares Any File Type

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UNSEND WhatsApp Message Upcoming New Feature

UNSEND WhatsApp Message

WhatsApp usually releases different features which is very useful for their users. the messenger app frequently releases updates and also different features which makes the app very unique from other messengers app and also the interface is very friendly with users. There are different features which already included in this messenger app. The feature like sharing the different files in

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WhatsApp To Allow Any File Type Shares Soon- Full Details Here

WhatsApp Shares Any File Type

WhatsApp a well known messenger app, every user know about the app and every smartphone user install the app in priority. The messenger app always release different updates along with the features including it. There are already different features included in the app in these recent days like, the audio call, video calls, image and video status, replying to a

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How To Stop WhatsApp Auto Downloading Pictures Videos

How To Stop WhatsApp Auto Downloading

Every one has a common question on WhatsaApp that How To Stop WhatsApp Auto Downloading Media. WhatsApp which is a well known app. Every one who has a smartphone will install Whatsapp. This app is a well known messenger app which helps users to chat. Latest Article: Now Facebook Using GIFs In Comments Apart from chatting it already introduced different

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