How to check if someone has blocked you on Instagram

Like any other apps Instagram has feature to block someone. This feature is similar to Whatsapp of Facebook where at the end you stopped receiving updates from you ex or friend.

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If you think that you’re not receiving any updates from any particular friend then there is major chance that he/she might have blocked you on the Instagram. Well, this is not the end of the road. Firstly, you need to find out how to tell if someone blocked you on Instagram. You can very easily how to see who blocked you on Instagram. Here in this article, we will tell you the easiest steps to find out how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram.

Blocked On Instagram for Sure- Let’s Find Out

Instagram includes a feature that lets users block people. Once blocked, a person won’t be able to see your posts and updates. Having said that, what if you think that you have been blocked by someone on Instagram?

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Blocked which is most annoying word that you rarely come across.  To keep people away from us whom we don’t in our social media life we use the feature “Block”. With the help of this we can stay away from them who we don’t like to chat or receive any updates. Because if you unfriend them they can send you requests again and again but if you block them they can’t contact you any more in this digital world. But how to know and confirm that some one Blocked You On Instagram.  There are major symptoms which help you in understanding that you may be blocked like you stopped seeing  updates from you Ex or the other on your time line. This can be because of your Ex or that other person may have blocked you. There are app to see who blocked you on Instagram but not that effective.

So today we came up with an article for the people who got blocked by their Ex or other people. This article gives you steps and helps you in confirming whether they actually blocked you or not with simple steps. Check the complete article to know it in detail

How to check if someone has blocked you on Instagram

Blocked You On Instagram

There are two steps which will help you in knowing whether you were blocked or not, Just follow the two steps and get confirmed that whether some one Blocked You On Instagram or may that person delete their Instagram account permanently.

Here Are The Steps To Check If Someone Blocked You On Instagram:

 Check If Someone Blocked You On Instagram

Step 1 :  You have to login to the Instagram application, once you login try to find the person’s profile name by searching in the search box. Mean while in searching you may encounter with two situations:

One: The first situation may be if the account is in public view then you will be able to find the profile by normal search easily. After your search and finding the profile, when you go to the profile, you will notice the total number of posts from that person, but you will also see – “No photos or videos yet!” which was written on that particular person profile whom you are searching for.

Second: Now the second situation will be like the profile view is a private account, then in this situation you can’t find the profile by normal search. For this you have to find another mutual friend’s profile, which has a post with the concerned person. Through this you can find that particular person profile and check her profile if same repeats just like in first situation then you can understand what can be the reason.

Step 2 To know if someone has blocked you on Instagram

Step 2 : In the first step you can confirm your self half way, in order to get confirmation completely you have to find the person’s profile, once you find the profile try to “follow” them by tapping on follow button.

If you’ve really been blocked, then you are not  allowed to follow that person as per the Instagram rules and policy. For you satisfaction and faith if you try to tap on the follow option more time then also nothing happens.  For you information no matters how many times you tap on the follow button, it will revert to the follow option.

That all these two steps will help you getting confirmation that you have been blocked by your crush or Ex. You can’t get any other easier option than this, right?

Along with this blocking there are some other features which Instagram included like managing multiple accounts using single device/app. As Instagram is a simplified version of Facebook which is started with sharing the photos and videos with a basic filters. Even there is an option available to delete the Facebook account permanently

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