How To Block Someone In Gmail Check Here With Images

How To Block Someone In Gmail

Every on know about the electronic mail in short we name it as Email. There are lots of email services over the internet just like hotmail, yahoo mail, rediff mail, gmail and so on. But most of the people use the gmail when compared to other services.

But why every one is so much fond of gmail ? It is also used for email purpose only right. Though it gives you the same services the UI interactions, structured view, drive storage and many more additional features like hangouts and so on this makes Gmail different from other email services.

Every one know how to use the gmail services and how to email a person. We usually receive some annoying emails from the people who we don’t like for this situation Gmail added a feature called ‘Block’ the name it self defines that it stops that person entering in your inbox via email.

How To Block Someone On Gmail ? is the major question mostly every user has in their mind. So, in order to clear the questions, below is the complete description along with the images is given which will help you in understanding the How To Block Someone In Gmail

How To Block Someone In Gmail Check Here With Images

How To Block Someone In Gmail

Check the below description to know about how to block and also how to unblock some one in gmail.

Sometimes it’s not enough to just mark mail as Spam. Google’s filters aren’t 100 percent effective and the occasional junk mail might slip through, finding its way to your inbox. And sometimes you just need to radically cut someone out of your life. You can block messages from particular senders for good with this simple guide

Steps On How To Block Someone On Gmail:

Just wanted to let you know that if you block someone the person whom you blocked doesn’t get any notification or message about this.

Step1~> Login to your Gmail Account by clicking on the link Gmail


Step2~> Once you login to your Gmail account on left hand side you can see the list of people.At bottom see a symbol for people beside Hangouts symbol click on that and search for the person whom you want to block


Step3~> Once you search with their email ID the person will be shown in the list click on that and a hangout window will be opened. In that window on top right corner you see a gear icon click on that



Step4~> Once you click on the gear icon you can see the option to Block


Step5~> Click on that and it will ask for confirmation again click on that Block button to block that particular person.


Step6~> Once you click on the block it will show a message that the person whom you want to block is successfully blocked


These are the few simple steps which you can easily follow and block the one whom you want as they even don’t come to know. Stay tuned to this website for more latest tricks that helps you in your day to day digital world. And there are some upcoming tricks on Facebook, whatsapp etc. So kindly stay tuned to this website to get updates on the latest technology, software tricks and many more.




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