How To Block A Number On Your Android Check Steps In Detail

How To Block A Number On Your Android

How To Block A Number On Your Android: How to block a phone number on android which is the major challenge now a days. Today we came with different ways that you can actually do it to block the numbers on android. Random numbers, strange calls, unknown numbers, marketing calls, what not along with these some calls only to annoy you

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View Blocked Profile On Facebook Check How To View

View Blocked Profile On Facebook

View Blocked Profile On Facebook: Social Media is the source where most of the people spending their time. In these social media sources Facebook plays a major contribution in all aspects like entertaining, sharing the latest updates, awareness, business goals and setup and many more. Majorly the Facebook helps in connecting people who are very far. The video call feature which

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How To Erase The Data In Android Phone Permanently Check It Now

How To Erase The Data In Android Phone: Smartphones which has become smarter day by day with new updates and many more changes which becomes users to use it as per his/her requirements. Smartphone is not only used for calling or browsing it also used for different purposes. Almost every work once we used to do it in PC now the

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Facebook Video Auto Play Disable On Android Check Steps

Facebook Video Auto Play

Facebook Video Auto Play: Every time Facebook comes with new features and updates in order to give a better service and user experience. Users can share different type of rich media on their time line and friends time line. In the mean time Facebook defined a feature of sharing the videos which is massive success. There are few setting users need

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