Download Android O and Install Steps

Android O Launcher

Android O is the upcoming mobile operating system. On march 21st 2017 developer preview was released recently on may 17th second developer preview was released. The further previews will be in the following months. However, the official release of this smart OS is scheduled for 3rd quarter of this year. The basic overview on the features that include in this Android O

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How to see blocked profiles on Facebook- How to View Blocked Facebook

View Blocked Profile On Facebook

View Blocked Profile On Facebook: In every one of us who are connected with internet social media plays a big role. In all these social media platform, one social media company which is part of everyone of our life is Facebook which needs no introduction. Facebook plays a major contribution in all aspects of our life like entertaining, sharing the

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How to tell if someone blocked you on Instagram


Like any other apps Instagram has feature to block someone. This feature is similar to Whatsapp or Facebook where at the end you stopped receiving updates from you ex or friend. If some of the queries like how to tell if someone blocked you on Instagram or how to see who blocked you on Instagram or how do you know

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