Reliance Jio Offers 168 GB Only For Vivo Smartphone Users

Reliance Jio Offers 168 GB

Reliance Jio offers are the ultimate offers in the past few months. As the Jio users enjoyed nearly 6 months of free data and calls with out any complaints. Even after completion of the free packages Reliance Jio offers unlimited data and free calls based on the new tariff plans released for prime and non prime users. Read: Disable Whatsapp

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Discount On AirAsia Tickets For Reliance Jio Users 15% Discount Grab Now

Discount On AirAsia Tickets

Discount On AirAsia Tickets which was offered by none other than Reliance Jio. Recently Reliance Jio offers a 15% discount on AirAsia tickets. As not only in the telecom now they are entering in to other markets with free offers. As upto now Reliance Jio users enjoyed the free data and calls but from now they are going to enjoy other

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Snapchat Users Data Leaked Indian Hackers Response To Poor Country

Snapchat Users Data

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel who recently said that India is poor to use Snapchat this results the distruction of the company in different forms. The first one is that the shares of the Snapchat dropped eventually. The other thing which come into the lime light very recently is the Indian hackers leaked the Snapchat Users Data. Go through  the complete

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Facebook Fake Accounts Closed In France Nearly 30000 Accounts

Facebook fake accounts are the major reason for sharing the incorrect or viral contents which is not real and also doesn’t exist. Social media giant already stated that they are taking these fake accounts issue in to consideration and continuously working on it to reduce the number of fake accounts. These fake accounts are majorly used in order to spread the

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Facebook Assistant M Just Like Google Assistant Check Details Now

Facebook Assistant M

Facebook Assistant M: Social media giant always works on releasing new feature for their users. As said earlier the Facebook majorly works on their user satisfactions and users usability. Assistant the name itself describes it helps you when you are in need and it also do your work also. Voice assistant which is the most reliable feature in this digital work.

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Free WiFi Who Is Stealing Your WiFi Block Them Check Details

Free WiFi

Free WiFi: There are so many intruders present in this virtual world. Their work is to crack the virtual world and use the resources of others in a cheap manner. Today this article will help you in how to kick them off before they use your wiFi for free. Every one knows that there are many reasons that includes in why your

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Reliance Jio Offers Tariffs For Prime And Non Prime Users Check Details

Reliance Jio Offers Tariffs

Reliance Jio Offers Tariffs: Reliance Jio which is trend setter in the telecom industry. The offers which was given by Jio is awesome and no other network has ever dare to do this earlier. As the Jio served almost more than a quarter with its free service. After March they are going to charge the services which they are going to

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Facebook Live Video Streaming Now On PC

Facebook Live Video Streaming

Facebook Live Video Streaming: Now a days sharing a video became an old trend. As there are recent applications which make the usability and user experience very refine and adaptive as per the trend. This article speaks about the new releases which hit the social medias like a storm. Live this word we usually seen in televisions. Most of the cricket

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