Facebook Live Video Streaming Now On PC

Facebook Live Video Streaming

Facebook Live Video Streaming: Now a days sharing a video became an old trend. As there are recent applications which make the usability and user experience very refine and adaptive as per the trend. This article speaks about the new releases which hit the social medias like a storm. Live this word we usually seen in televisions. Most of the cricket

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Netflix Offline On Android: Download Netflix Movies and TV Shows Here

Netflix Offline On Android

Netflix Offline On Android: What is Netflix? Netflix is mainly known for its streaming service that allows large number of customers to watch TV shows, Movies, documentaries and many more. The main and foremost thing which makes this special is that there will be no commercials that will interrupt your entertainment. So you can enjoy your videos with out any disturbance. Up

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Amazon Prime Video India: Unlimited Movies and TV Series For Year


Amazon prime video launched in India recently, is an online video streaming service from Amazon. A very popular movies and TV streaming service in U.S. is now available for Indian Users. Amazon prime video or Amazon Prime Video app allows users to stream unlimited movies and TV series for just a subscription package of 499 for a year. Just pay

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Coolest Whatsapp Tricks On The Internet To Make You Expert

Whatsapp Tips AND Tricks

Coolest Whatsapp Tricks On The Internet: There is no need of special introduction for this most effective and popular instant messaging app none other than Whatsapp. Almost most of the users using the whatsapp than any other messaging apps. But most of the people don’t have the idea about the hidden tricks in whatsapp. Today we are going to reveal the

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Android Users Can Download Netflix Movies On Memory Cards Now

Android Users Can Download Netflix Movies

Android Users Can Download Netflix Movies:- There’s good news for Netflix users on Android. The service will now allow you to download movies and TV series or almost anything from Netflix to your device’s SD card allowing you to download far more episodes and films. If you are confused with the new update of Netflix then study our article to understand it

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Mass Effect-ANDROMEDA Xbox- All New Game For Xbox Users


Mass Effect-ANDROMEDA Xbox:- If you are a Xbox player then here we are going to give you a good news. A recent screenshot has hinted the next title in the ‘Mass Effect’ series will arrive on Xbox One before other platforms. Mass Effect Andromeda is the newest installment after a 10-year lull that lets players become Commander Sheppard once again. Mass Effect-ANDROMEDA Xbox-

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