UPTIME Youtube’s Co-Viewing App For iOS Users

UPTIME Youtube's Co-Viewing App

UPTIME Youtube’s Co-Viewing App is the latest application in the app stores. A new app which was released in the month of March. UPTIME is the googles app which available only for iOS users, it is not available for Android users as of now. Most Trending: How To Block Someone In WhatsApp UPTIME is the latest project from Google Startup incubator. Google

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Facebook Testing GIF For Comments will soon rolled out to users

Facebook Testing GIF For Comments: Facebook which is now incorporating new features to make its website more interesting and unique. Updating the apps, bringing new feature to its products, engaging people more to their recent releases. As every time Facebook tries to make some thing unique which creates a difference from it competitors. Over a period of time Facebook is used

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WhatsApp Text Only Status Is Back For Ios Users On High Demand

WhatsApp Text Only Status

WhatsApp Text Only Status: The new feature on WhatsApp status which was disliked by most of the users. This made Whatsapp to bring back the old text status on Android users now the new news has just came in that WhatsApp Text Only Status Is Back For Ios Users alos. As you might be aware, it the big change to Whatsapp

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Facebook Jobs Apply Jobs Directly With The Help Of Facebook

Facebook Jobs

Facebook Jobs: Facebook is becoming multipurpose everyday and keeping the trend alive, the social giant will now venture into job portal. However, there won’t be a new job portal from Facebook but the Facebook users can now directly apply for jobs from their Facebook profile. This new service has been rolled out in Canada and United States and will soon rolled out

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Facebook Live Video Streaming Now On PC

Facebook Live Video Streaming

Facebook Live Video Streaming: Now a days sharing a video became an old trend. As there are recent applications which make the usability and user experience very refine and adaptive as per the trend. This article speaks about the new releases which hit the social medias like a storm. Live this word we usually seen in televisions. Most of the cricket

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Android O Features Google Upcoming Operating System Check Insights

Android O Features

Android O Features: Every person now a days uses smart phone with latest features. In market there are different mobiles with different feature with updated versions and available at various price ranges. Now a days every android user know about the versions of their android mobiles as they change the look and feel. There may be different applications and in built

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10 Gmail Tips And Tricks For Android Users Check Now For Detail Info

10 Gmail Tips And Tricks

10 Gmail Tips And Tricks: Email which is majorly used for the communications between the two persons,organisations and even many people can be included in the email conversations. As every one uses this the gmail also embedded in apps which helps and makes the work simple in sending the emails. Every one uses the electronic emails but most of the people

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