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Live Streaming Videos

Live Streaming Videos: Live Streaming which means that broadcasting something on the Internet, as it happens live. But let’s start with the basic question – why should any one want to use this live streaming? Well, there could be different reasons – maybe you’re at most interesting place or tourist destination or at an important life occasion like your marriage. Okay, seriously

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BHIM App Send Money To Aadhaar Numbers Steps In Detail Check Now

BHIM App Send Money

BHIM App Send Money: Due to the Demonetization the amount transfers became main means in exchanging of amount. A user friendly app and a trust worthy app is required to exchange the currency via online. At that crisis time BHIM is an app developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) that allows people to send and receive money using

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Whatsapp Features Check Six Whatsapp Features Most Useful

Whatsapp Features

Whatsapp Features: The most commonly used instant messenger is WhatsApp. Every one knows about this app but most of the user actually don’t know about the features which were embedded in this awesome app. As there are many things we would like to see on WhatsApp, but the fact is that the Facebook-owned company has been making a lot of steady

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Netflix Offline On Android: Download Netflix Movies and TV Shows Here

Netflix Offline On Android

Netflix Offline On Android: What is Netflix? Netflix is mainly known for its streaming service that allows large number of customers to watch TV shows, Movies, documentaries and many more. The main and foremost thing which makes this special is that there will be no commercials that will interrupt your entertainment. So you can enjoy your videos with out any disturbance. Up

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Amazon Prime Video India: Unlimited Movies and TV Series For Year


Amazon prime video launched in India recently, is an online video streaming service from Amazon. A very popular movies and TV streaming service in U.S. is now available for Indian Users. Amazon prime video or Amazon Prime Video app allows users to stream unlimited movies and TV series for just a subscription package of 499 for a year. Just pay

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