Facebook Assistant M Just Like Google Assistant Check Details Now

Facebook Assistant M

Facebook Assistant M: Social media giant always works on releasing new feature for their users. As said earlier the Facebook majorly works on their user satisfactions and users usability. Assistant the name itself describes it helps you when you are in need and it also do your work also. Voice assistant which is the most reliable feature in this digital work.

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Donkey Business With Google Facebook In Ludhiana Read Story!!

Donkey Business With Google Facebook

Donkey Business With Google Facebook: It is strange what we are reading right now. May be you are thinking what this Donkey Business With Google Facebook is there any new kind of business started by Google or Facebook, or we can buy Donkeys over Google and Facebook and so many assumptions rights. OK jokes a part there is a weird incident

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How To Erase The Data In Android Phone Permanently Check It Now

How To Erase The Data In Android Phone: Smartphones which has become smarter day by day with new updates and many more changes which becomes users to use it as per his/her requirements. Smartphone is not only used for calling or browsing it also used for different purposes. Almost every work once we used to do it in PC now the

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Free WiFi Who Is Stealing Your WiFi Block Them Check Details

Free WiFi

Free WiFi: There are so many intruders present in this virtual world. Their work is to crack the virtual world and use the resources of others in a cheap manner. Today this article will help you in how to kick them off before they use your wiFi for free. Every one knows that there are many reasons that includes in why your

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Facebook Video Auto Play Disable On Android Check Steps

Facebook Video Auto Play

Facebook Video Auto Play: Every time Facebook comes with new features and updates in order to give a better service and user experience. Users can share different type of rich media on their time line and friends time line. In the mean time Facebook defined a feature of sharing the videos which is massive success. There are few setting users need

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Nokia 150 At Rs 2059 Dual Sim Available Now Grab It !!Hurry Up!!

Nokia 150 At Rs 2059

Nokia 150 At Rs 2059: Nokia which is brand in the mobile market. The hardware or the hardness of the phone which bought a good fame. Recently from the sources we came to know that the Nokia feature phone is hitting the market once again. Now a days smart phone are trending the market. Even though smart phones are trending there

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Reliance Jio Offers Tariffs For Prime And Non Prime Users Check Details

Reliance Jio Offers Tariffs

Reliance Jio Offers Tariffs: Reliance Jio which is trend setter in the telecom industry. The offers which was given by Jio is awesome and no other network has ever dare to do this earlier. As the Jio served almost more than a quarter with its free service. After March they are going to charge the services which they are going to

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