WhatsApp Beta Update New Features Initial Releases Will Be Available

WhatsApp Beta Update

WhatsApp Beta Update is one of the feature from WhatsApp which is used to get the updates of the app first than other normal users of the App. In order to use the Beta version of the Whatsapp you no need to install any new apps. In the WhatsApp itself has an option for it. Latest Article: WhatsApp Shares Any File Type

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UNSEND WhatsApp Message Upcoming New Feature

UNSEND WhatsApp Message

WhatsApp usually releases different features which is very useful for their users. the messenger app frequently releases updates and also different features which makes the app very unique from other messengers app and also the interface is very friendly with users. There are different features which already included in this messenger app. The feature like sharing the different files in

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WhatsApp To Allow Any File Type Shares Soon- Full Details Here

WhatsApp Shares Any File Type

WhatsApp a well known messenger app, every user know about the app and every smartphone user install the app in priority. The messenger app always release different updates along with the features including it. There are already different features included in the app in these recent days like, the audio call, video calls, image and video status, replying to a

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How To Stop WhatsApp Auto Downloading Pictures Videos

How To Stop WhatsApp Auto Downloading

Every one has a common question on WhatsaApp that How To Stop WhatsApp Auto Downloading Media. WhatsApp which is a well known app. Every one who has a smartphone will install Whatsapp. This app is a well known messenger app which helps users to chat. Latest Article: Now Facebook Using GIFs In Comments Apart from chatting it already introduced different

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How To Enable Facebook Profile Picture Guard Check Steps With Images

Facebook Profile Picture Guard

Facebook came with a new feature(Facebook Profile Picture Guard) that helps in protecting our profile picture from downloading by strangers or unknown people over FB. Facebook is the giant social media which always comes with a latest features and updates to make their users more interactive with the media. Latest News: No WhatsApp In Nokia And Blackbberry The only media

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No WhatsApp For Nokia And Blackberry From June 30th

No WhatsApp For Nokia And Blackberry

There is an update from Whatsapp that it’s not going to support Blackberry and Nokia mobiles. So, we can say as No WhatApp For Nokia And Blackberry. WhatsApp is the most trending messenger app in these days. The downloads of this app already reached to millions. The user interface, latest features like audio calling, video calling, GIFs, bookmarking the messages,

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Job Postings Through A Widget Using Google Search Results Page

Job Postings Through A Widget

Job Postings Through A Widget : Finding job over internet is like something hard. As there may be different jobs and that are irrelevant too. Every time we try to find a job which we are particular about and the listing shows other than that. However, as per the new updates of the Google looking for a new job is getting

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How To Block Someone In Facebook Check Steps With Pictures

How To Block Someone In Facebook

How To Block Someone In Facebook: Today we are going to explain How to block someone in Facebook with detailed steps along with images this will help us to understand clearly. There are different features Facebook incorporates in their social media to give a best service to their users. Features like messenger, video calling, Facebook groups , Facebook Pages, Facebook Events,

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How To Block Someone In Whatsapp Check Steps With Pictures

How To Block Someone In Whatsapp

Whatsapp which is the most commonly used messenger app. Almost every individual knows about the whatsapp and how to use it. There are different feature that whatsapp come up with like audio and video calling. This features make Whatsapp more interesting and friendly with the users. Calling to the people with using internet and whatsapp is very simple and easily

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