Android Apps Should Not Miss This February Latest 4 New Apps

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Android Apps: Use your mobile memory wisely and it any app should be worth to stay in your mobile. There are so many apps we use daily and there are some more apps we don’t even remember that they are present in our device until and unless some one reminds. Any way we came up with the latest app releases and the most trending apps which should not be missed in this month. So the apps are listed below which will be available in the play store. So , users are advised to go through the article and get to know the best app that suits based on the requirements.

Android Apps Should Not Miss This February Latest 4 New Apps

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Below are the list of Android Apps:

FastKey Launcher

As there are lots of awesome launchers available, adding another into the mix might feel a bit like confusion, but FastKey takes a far simpler approach, making it more efficient than some of its rivals. It’s also free to download, which is also a bonus.

Despite being less feature-rich, if what you want from a launcher is one that delivers the app or contact you’re thinking of the minute you start typing, then check out FastKey. Just don’t expect it to be particularly nice to look at, though I don’t find that a problem.

By searching across contacts as well as apps, you can start a call just by searching the first letter or two and then tapping the correct contact. Customization nuts won’t like FastKey – it simply isn’t geared to make your phone look a particular way, it’s designed to erase that feeling of ‘where the hell did that app go?’, which it does admirably.

Pyrope browser

As browsers are as important as other apps in the mobiles, You might be spending an equal amount of time and effort  on browsers and you’ll see that Pryope might be worth your time.

Built on Chromium, it’s based on the equivalent of the browser  so it has all the normal sort of features you’d expect, like private browsing and bookmarking. Beyond those essentials though, it also offers a whole bunch of other useful features.

We can take an example that you can use a power-saving mode that restricts certain options, a night mode which can be helpful in order to reduce eye strain and an immersive mode to set your browser full-screen. Perhaps the feature that you might find particularly handy, though, is the ability to listen to the audio of a video in a background tab while browsing around the Web. Add in edge navigation that lets you move forwards or backwards in a swipe..

The company says that the app can also speed up your browsing experience if you’re using a phone with a Qualcomm processor, but that it’ll work with any handset running Android 5.0 or higher. It’s free to download and install, but does carry ads.

Energy Bar

This app majorly used in order to make it even easier to check how much battery you’ve got left without even seeing what those numbers say, then Energy Bar is for you. It has but one function – to provide a colored bar across the top of your display showing how much battery you have left. As it decreases, it changes color. Simple.

For such a simple app, you get a few options to play around with – like the thickness of the bar, what colors you want to use and at what percentage each is activated. While you’re charging, the bar shows how much you’ve gained since you plugged in.



This one is admittedly a little niche, basically used to improve the appearance as if you have a handset that has rounded corners and a square edged display, it’s one that can improve the look of your device a little, if you’re a perfectionist. Its raison d’etre is simple: you can round the corners of each app as much as you like to fit in with your handset requirements.

If you are that sort of perfectionist, you’ll be paying the 99c upgrade to remove the ads and gain the ability to set custom sizes of the corners on each app.

You can use different settings for each to ensure they all look perfect, and have the option of quickly specifying the setting for each app from the notification bar, if you don’t want to dive into the menus. It’s free to download, but you probably will want to pay for it if you like it, just to remove the ads.

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